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Dmitrieva Daria is a Rostov-on-Don (Russia) Fine Arts and Architecture State Academy’s graduate in the Art and Textile Design

After graduation, moved to France to continue education in the graduate school of the Lyon’s Institute of Fashion. Upon completion of the internship in Lyon, she became a fashion specialist and moved to Paris to continue working in the fashion industry.

While working and living in Paris, had been partaking in the textile design contests, such as Fabricut, Petit Bateau, Hermes. 

In 2018, participated in the Nano Art contest arranged by Roi Dore in Paris. 

Daria’s works are exhibited in the Smart gallery in Moscow, Russia, Aradamenty and Collage art salons in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Mart Decor gallery in Sochi, Russia. Also, Daria works productively with many interior decorators. Daria’s works are exhibited in private collections in France, Italy, USA, Israel and Russia.

In 2020, participated in the Luxembourg Art Prize contest, Big Awards Barcelone, Art Prize and Fête Imperial contests. Same year, started a new series of graphic works. The ingredients of this new “culinary” recipe are specially treated paper, pencil, coffee, pastel, collage and embroidery. 

Daria’s works are joy, self-expression and a desire to share the emotions and impressions, vibrant variations of forms and colors. Her aspiration is to create an ambiance and mood for a viewer thus allowing everyone to discover one’s own forms and feelings in the abstract art.  

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